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  • I've Signed Up. Now What?
    Awesome! Now that you've signed up...
  • Do you require a minimum amount of clients?
    No, there is no minimum!
  • How to refer a friend, colleague, or team member to sign up.
    We love referrals! We make it super easy to refer friends, colleagues and team members...
  • Can I add my logo to a gift?
    Yes! Your logo will be automatically engraved on your closing gift. All gifts are delivered with a handwritten note on custom branded stationary.
  • Can I choose the gift my client receives?
    We work with our our partners to create a unique buyer and seller client experience that will be followed for each client. However, there may be unique circumstances where we will consider recommendations from you! Never hurts to ask!
  • Can I enroll my client even though the transaction is already under contract?
    Sure thing! We can enroll your clients at any time, however we highly recommend that we get introduced to your clients as soon as possible to make the most of the Client Experience! The Client Experience is surprises and delights clients before, during and after the transaction!
  • Where do I see all of my activity?
    Good question! We communicate every touch point....
  • Will I be notified before a touch is carried out?
    This is a set it and forget it service....
  • Can I remove a Client from my Client Experience?
    You can remove your clients from the Client Experience. However, if we've already started the process, you will still be responsible for the Client Experience fee.

Client Experience

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